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Technical Training

Technical Training: PLC’s & Drives

Delta Automation, Inc. provides technical training on ALLEN-BRADLEY and MODICON programmable controllers to engineers and maintenance personnel on-site or off-site. Instructors customize the course material based on specific site or target audience requirements.

Our Instructors are experienced field engineers with Allen-Bradley and MODICON systems from designing, programming, and troubleshooting current and legacy PLC’s, communication networks, and software.


  • Instructors utilize PLC simulators and programming software tailored to the course agenda.
  • Troubleshooting taught by instructors who design, start-up and troubleshoot real systems world wide.
  • Delta Automation, Inc. is the only qualified company teaching on the mature MODICON family of controllers with specific expertise on hot stand-by, remote I/O and Modbus Plus systems.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs):

Delta Automation, Inc. provides both general over view and basic variable frequency drive training as well as in depth troubleshooting and repair information.

This training is performed by our experienced field service Engineers or manufacturers application Engineers.

Both on-site and off-site classes and seminars are available.



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Delta Automation, Inc., located in Richmond Virginia, is an Industry Leader in Industrial Electronics Remanufacturing (depot type repair), On-Site Field Service, New Equipment Sales, and Mature Equipment Sales. Our focus is on Programmable Controllers (PLCs), Drives (VFDs), Control Screens (HMIs) and Peripheral Hardware Support (to include, Software & Firmware). With over 50 years of Repair and Support, we proudly offer our services.

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